Controlled Environments for Industry, Inc.- Distributor, Custom Manufacturer, Manufacturers' Rep, and Service Company since 1969

and welcome to Controlled Environments for Industry. We are a mechanical contractor and manufacturers' representative for air pollution control & industrial heating & ventilation systems. Systems include baghouses, cyclones, scrubbers, ventilation fans, gas-fired infra-red heaters, industrial blowers & fume collection equipment. Services include system design & installation. Applications include industrial environmental control.

Specializing in Industrial Ventilation Systems, Infra-red Heating, and Air Pollution Control

Businesses today face an increasingly difficult set of challenges to ensure that they meet the requirements of all regulations, maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and reduce their environmental footprint to better sustain the earth for future generations. Controlled Environments for Industry will help you plan, design, implement, and maintain the methods, equipment and solutions that meet these goals. We design and install systems for controlling the industrial environment. This involves the applications of equipment such as:


* Baghouses
* Cyclones
* Scrubbers
* Ventilation & Exhaust Fans
* Gas-fired Infra-red Heaters
* Industrial Blowers
* Fume Collection Equipment
* Heating Equipment & Systems
* Compressed Air Piping
* Gas Piping
* Air Pollution Control Equipment & Servicing
* Air Pollution Measuring Equipment & Servicing
* Dust Collection Equipment & Systems
* Fans - Industrial & Commercial
* Ventilation Equipment

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